Our Story

We are the partners of the Purhive and passionate in the pursuit of pure honey everything. When we all first met, we dreamt of inhabiting the European countryside and making the finest honey. So, on a wintery night in the city, after a little bit of reflection and a lot of honey tasting, we decided to stay true to our desires and turn our attention towards the production and purveyance of one of the worlds’ most prized and precious commodities: honey.

Our Beliefs

Nestled among the peaks and valleys of North-Eastern Europe, our honey is drawn in small quantities each year from our remote farms scattered throughout the land and far away from the sources of pollution. To us, our honey is not simply a commitment to producing the finest organic honey, it is a way of life. Our farms are located in areas where remote forests and fields ensures that our precious bees only feed and pollinate in the cleanest country air and are nourished by the purest mountain water.

Our finest honey products are created when ideal natural conditions are entrusted to seasoned local artisans and craftspeople. In this region we found both.


Unlike any other worldly sweetener, pure organic honey is completely natural, has no additives or preservatives, is rich in minerals and has an antioxidant value that rivals raw broccoli and bananas. What’s more is that it can make other healthy foods taste great. Honey completes the Greek yogurt and berry trifecta and can transform kale juice from a chore to a treat.

Health benefits of Heather honey


Health benefits of Heather honey

Honey derived from Calluna Vulgaris commonly known as Ling Heather is the source for Heather honey. This is a very short plant that flowers in late summer months. Hence, it becomes nectar source for bees starving due to lack of other blossoms in summer. Ling Heather that is native to Europe grows in dry acidic soils. Honey derived from Ling Heather has a very unique property of becoming liquid only when stirred or agitated, and is one of the world’s most rare honey variety.

  • Bacterial infection prevention and treatment
    • Heather honey has similar antiseptic qualities to those of buckwheat honey. Because of that it can be used in mouth inflammatory conditions. It properties has been successfully tested by Glasgow University during wound treatments. "Experts claim that heather honey can be as effective as manuka when it comes to beating bacteria" (Daily Mail 02/10/2013).That is great news as in my opinion manuka honey is overpriced only because it is the only medical-grade honey on the market.
  • Urinary tract infections
    • Heather honey in addition to aforementioned antiseptic qualities is a diuretic which features are very beneficial during kidney and urinary tract infections.
  • Digestive conditions
    • It has been said that heather honey can be used to ease inflammatory processes of stomach and digestive systems in general. It also can help during diarrhea episodes.
  • Improves overall health
    • Heather honey contains high amount of antioxidants which remove free radicals from your body which in turn prevents aging and improves health. Also it contain high amounts of minerals and proteins. In addition it is a source of vitamins A, B, B6 and easily digestible iron.

Health benefits of Buckwheat honey


Health benefits of Buckwheat honey

Buckwheat honey is one of the most valuable honeys native to Europe when it comes to health benefiting properties. It also is one of the rarest, because of decreasing number of buckwheat plantations.

  • Liver detox
    • High quantity of monosaccharaides (fructose and glucose) especially in freshly extracted honey, nourish liver cells. Buckwheat honey contains more choline than other honeys which is necessary for proper metabolism.
  • Diabetes mellitus type 2
    • Thanks to high quantity of fructose buckwheat honey (like acacia honey) is recommended for people who suffers from diabetes mellitus type 2.
  • Bacterial infections prevention and treatment
    • According to a research made in Pulawy, Poland, this honey has high antibiotic qualities against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. On a scale from 0 – 5, it scored 4!!! It also has been proven that the qualities remained the same, both in freshly extracted and 6 months old honey kept in various conditions.


Responsible production methods are crucial to preserving the wellbeing of a bee hive as well as the final quality of honey products. In order to maintain a balanced natural ecosystem and to offer the purest organic honey possible, we ensure that all of our transformation systems and forestry techniques adhere stringently to Certified European Organic standards - one of the highest available in the world. Biodiversity is promoted in the forest, no fertilizer, germicides, antibiotics or pesticides are used and no animal products, soy, peanut, sesame or nut oils are employed. Pure organic honey is one of the healthiest unadulterated sources of sugar and one of the most natural foods on earth. We intend on keeping it that way.

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